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Review: RAIL WARS!

I wouldn’t want to say that I have high expectations for Rail Wars, but I wanted it to be worth the watch the moment I started watching it. However, as the anime progresses, the story gets more generic and boring.

In a nutshell, this anime shows a group of trainees working for the Japanese National Railways (JNR), under the Railways Security Force (RSF) division. The trainees are: Naoto, Shou, Haruka, and Aoi. There is also a head of the group named Nana. In the story, we look at how the RSF gets involved with some events, and so it is like a slice of life action.

The main theme of the anime, which are trains, convinced me to watch it. I was intrigued for a while. The first few episodes are ‘not really awesome’, but fine. It introduces the main characters well and I like the action between antagonists and the RSF, mostly involved by Aoi.

Sadly, the anime has fallen to the depths of being less original and having more fan-service. Harem takes a play into the story, with Aoi, Haruka, Noa, and maybe Mari. The romance part is very shaky, as if you don’t even know which girl Naoto will fall in love to. Yes, all these girls have a particular feeling to him, hence this is why I would say that there is a harem. Also, since there is a lot of fan-service, which I did not expect that to happen, I was dissatisfied by how repetitive this can get. Why would Naoto bumped into a girl’s boobs every episode? It’s just boring.

The pacing of the story is a bit weird. I don’t know, it just feels… weird.

Another problem in the story is that the so-called ‘antagonists’ which do not make any significance. It is really disappointing, or maybe I was misled by the synopsis in the anime’s MyAnimeList page, again. You see all these events that involved certain bad people but it felt like they have no certain connection.

The conclusion is tad boring, and I have to say that I wasted my time watching the last episode.

The characters are very generic. Naoto is being too normal, Aoi is being overpowered, and Haruka is being too nice and has some similarities to Mikuru. Shou is the only character who I find the best among the rest. But unfortunately, he isn’t much big of a deal, hence not being a rounded character.

Despite a small amount of characters in the story, the character development that I am aware of is shown only to about one or two characters. From an action anime, it isn’t surprising at all.

My thoughts about the art is mixed. While I like the visuals for the opening and ending, everything else is not very special. The scenery is okay, and the character designs are not very varied. There are quite a number of female characters with almost the same body shape. And even so, there were a lot of inconsistencies in drawing the characters. The facial expressions are a bit weird in some instances. The repetitive fan-service gets boring which I cringed a lot.

Most of the time, animation is okay, especially on the fight scenes. Maybe the physics is not realistic on moving trains, but still, I like the train designs.

In music, the ending of the anime has to be one of the best songs I have heard in this season. With its awesome beats and vibe, and a certain feeling of Korean pop, ZAQ do really shine towards the industry. The opening, sung by Minori Chihara, is also interesting with its rock feel. The background music is okay, but a bit repetitive. The voice acting is good, but I wish they can do better. A bit of a let down to me, because most of the voice actors are well-known.

I really expected Rail Wars to be awesome, but with the repetitive generic crap, I can’t help but to feel a bit betrayed by the premise. I also actually thought that the anime is all about trains, and action. Not boobs, nor relationships. Y’know what? Let’s call it ‘Boob Wars’ or ‘Ship Wars’, yeah?

Score board:

Story - 2
Character - 2
Art - 5
Sound - 7
Enjoyment - 5

Average - 4.20
Weightage - 3.25 (3)

Get hitched already, both of you.

My votes for awwnime bracket
Round 5 - Stage E

My votes won in stage D. yay…

Now, Madoka and Kurisu. I never watched Steins;Gate so my vote automatically goes to beautiful cheery Madoka. But I have a grudge that Kurisu will win.

Tachibana is a special figure, unlike Kanbaru. She’s so delicate and cute and hence she gets my vote. But Kanbaru is an awesome character too!

Review: Futsuu no Joshikousei ga [Locodol] Yatte Mita.


One time, my friend who also watches this anime told me that it isn’t an idol anime, thus I can’t compare it to Love Live, etc. But hey, the idol theme still sticks, so you can’t judge me.

When I first heard about this anime, I thought of myself ‘hey, is this going to be another ‘great’ idol anime’? Well, let’s see how it goes, shall we?

Locodol revolves a group of fellow girls: two of them, Nanako and Yukari, as ‘locodols’ or local idols, under the name of ‘Nagarekawa Girls’, and two manning a mascot character, Yui and Mirai.

This basic story starts with Nanako given a ‘locodol’ job by her uncle, who works in the city council. She met Yukari before they were to perform for the first time together. Afterwards, it continues with the lives of the pair, meeting more new characters and experiencing some wacky moments. The story isn’t very special at all, since it is a typical story device to have someone or a group to have progress along the story. Hence, the English title ‘Ordinary High-School Girls Tried Being Locodols’.

The story doesn’t show any idol industry shenanigans, which is good, because I love a relaxed story that doesn’t involve any butchering of idols.

Now, I never heard of a locodol before, which is something unique about the story. Apparently, there are also other locodols around too, from different cities. They help to promote their own cities and also to bring the spirit to the residents. I think that the idea is interesting, although I like to see more of locodol action.

The story ends with a very sweet conclusion that leaves no gaping holes behind.

The characters have different personalities which I find quite similar to other characters. Nanako is quite a pessimist, with a lot of worrying that burdens her down. Yukari seems like a perfect person, but she can be clumsy sometimes. Yui is a typical small character yet so strong she can do interesting acts in her heavy mascot costume. Mirai is a shy person but is still sociable.

Throughout the story, both Nanako and Yukari learn more about themselves and they have nice development. They meet more new people who then support them in their own future events. Eventually, the whole town adores these locodols.

Nevertheless, all the characters are very cute, especially Nanako’s ‘nanyako’ stuttering.

The art is pretty nice. The scenery looks gorgeous and I love the colour choice. It felt a bit like it was painted in many scenes, which give a nice touch. The character designs are cute and the facial expressions can exaggerate for comic relief, hence very cute too. There are some chibi designs which I think are cute too.

Most of the time, the atmosphere where the locodols perform are quite lively. It may not be a very big concert but more of a small-scale concert for the residents. The costumes they wear are great and the dancing animations are smooth and cool.

Despite not having a lot of songs, the quality is good. The opening and ending songs, both sang by the Nagarekawa Girls, have a certain relation to the anime and they have a good singing voice. They may not be as famous as other awesome anisongs, but it has its own standards. The background music is nice and cheery. The voice acting is great too, as they express their emotions well. There are some recognisable voice actors, especially from Yukari and Mirai, and a few supporting characters and other locodols.

I admit it that I enjoy this anime despite a simple story. It may not be a famous anime, but it still is a great one to enjoy. 

A quick look at MyAnimeList’s anime recommendations from this anime, I see other idol anime like Love Live, Wake Up Girls and Idolmaster. Honestly, this anime stands differently from others. These other anime have a group, while this anime has a pair. There may be following a similar route towards progress, but they encounter different experiences. So, if you are one of those guys who can’t remember all the group members in a particular group, I think this anime shall be your first.

If there’s a second season, dig me in!

Score board:

Story - 7
Character - 8
Art - 8
Sound - 8
Enjoyment - 9

Average - 8.00
Weightage - 7.80 (8)


Managed to find this when I looked at the opening animation again. How cute… how yuri.

Review: Tokyo Ghoul


Come on, it’s not that scary. I was really impressed with the anime’s idea - all of this ‘ghoul’. I heard that the manga was great, so I would want to give it a try.

Tokyo Ghoul shows the life of Kaneki, who became part ghoul after a life-changing event that involved Rize, whom he met hours before the event. From there, he slowly learns about being a ghoul and in a cafe ghouls work in, he also have some people that work aside him.

Ghouls aren’t very friendly to humans. They often carve at humans, instead of the other ‘disgusting’ variety of food which they could not take a single bite. So when ghouls make trouble, there has to be a special task force to go against them. The story also showed how would some people in the force go about chasing these ghouls.

There is a series of events that involve both the force and the group of ghouls. I love the high-energy battles which either both of them fought themselves, or separately. They bring to tell which side will win and how do those affect the next part of the story.

Overall, the story is okay. It did bring some great emotional pain from a lot of characters. Sometimes, the story tries to humour the audience to make it a bit more interesting, because you wouldn’t want it to always get darker. Sometimes, there are mini-animations after the ending song which is very comedic and cute, with the chibi-styled drawings.

However, it felt like there were some missing points about ghouls in general, and some ghouls like Touka - but I’ll get to that later. Some scenes may have been rushed and thus leaving out some thoughts behind.

And maybe, just maybe, if they can add a preview of what happened the last episode, I would recall and understand the story much better. I have been quite confused with this story sometimes and I had to rely on places to find the summary.

That one thing that made me very disappointed with the story is the conclusion. It just left with that cliffhanging which you wanted to know what happened to the rest afterwards. Apparently, it caused some uproar from many, and some called it very rushed too. 

I just can’t stand too many characters being introduced within a short period of time. It makes me forget a lot of them since they don’t bring enough value to the story. I try to, at least, remember who they are, otherwise it would just waste my time. Maybe this explains the rushed parts of the story, but I can’t be too sure.

Let’s talk about the anime’s two main characters, Kaneki and Touka. Although a lot of the story goes along with Kaneki, there are a few parts that goes along with Touka as well. With that kind of behaviour Touka has, I wonder how did she became like that. However, the story didn’t show much about her past. It left a part of it hanging around like no one cared. Anyway, who cares about Touka, huh? I didn’t see much of her development.

I feel bad for Kaneki to go through this whole ‘ghoul’ experience. He tries to adapt his life with it and it almost works, but sometimes he still blames himself from being one. Dude, stop whining, just face it already. A lot of people dislike his ‘pussy’ personality, and I’m leaning towards it.

There are other characters which hold some value in the story. A few in the ‘special task force’ involved in dealing with the ghouls showed some progress, although in the end, they were left out, especially in the conclusion.

Thus, the characters are not really outstanding.

I like how the art portrays these dark themes as how the anime would be expected to look. Dark backgrounds, splatters of blood, heavily-censored scenes. It felt a bit like horror for a moment. But trust me, it isn’t actually. The scenery is spectacular with a bit of realism. The character designs are nicely-drawn, and the facial expressions are mostly great. The battle animations are almost smooth and of high action, hence giving a nice kick to the scenes. The visuals for both opening and ending are awesome too.

If you cannot stand censors, my best bet would be to wait for the Blu-ray releases as the anime is very heavily-censored in television. It’s funny because in Akame ga Kill, there is never any censor, even when a character beheads a lot of characters.

The opening song was a bit weird, for the first few times I listened to it. It felt like it mashed three different songs into one. I don’t get why many felt that this opening is known to be ‘the best opening of this season’, because it really isn’t, to me. Anyway, it can be a bit related to the anime, unlike the ending. The ending song is nice. It has some rock with an interesting vocal track. The background music is great, although sometimes it can be repetitive. The voice acting is well-down, and there are some recognisable voices from the voice actors. It expresses the characters’ feelings well.

Trust me, I do enjoy Tokyo Ghoul but sadly, the story and characters are not very strong. If it may have been a two-cour, maybe the anime can be better. I heard that the anime is badly adapted, cutting out many important things from the manga - and that just pisses a lot who already read it before or during the anime.

There are lot of people, especially friends I’ve seen online, who liked the anime, but I don’t know if they read the manga before. The most important thing about watching anything is that you either most of the time enjoy it or you throw it in the garbage.

Score board:

Story - 5
Character - 5
Art - 9
Sound - 8
Enjoyment - 7

Average - 6.80
Weightage - 6.00

Oh come on, you really have to censor a child’s meal? Lame…



Japanese child actress Mana Ashida (little Mako) was embarrassed that she couldn’t pronounce Guillermo Del Toro’s name so he gave her special permission to call him “Totoro-san” instead.

My Neighbor Guillermo Del Toro.

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