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Review: Wake Up, Girls!


I actually wanted to watch this since it came out during its seasonal airing. But, I decided that I would watch it later.

Wake Up, Girls! is another idol anime, produced by Ordet and under the direction of the infamous Yamamoto Yutaka.

Before its 12-episode anime, there is a movie to be watched first. I really, really recommend that you watch the movie because it shows how the idol group under the same anime name, “Wake Up, Girls!” (WUG), started. In the anime series, the group faces problematic situations, and it tries to manage and keep it going.

Sadly, the story didn’t shine really well among other idol anime. I would say that there are a lot of clichéd moments, especially during the introductory movie. Also, there’s a lot of idea repetition among members of the group and it really gets annoying hearing from them.

I really hated the first two episodes, because it sudden introduces fan-service, which I felt that it shouldn’t be included. However, it needed to be in just for the context of the story. sigh…

Despite the mediocre story, it still have some positive points in the anime. I like how the story sets around 2013-2014. It even made references to real life events, such as the tragic earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku region, although the anime don’t really focus much on it. Also, the group managed to work their way up to something spectacular, which I think is the best moment in the anime.

I question myself how scary is the idol industry in Japan. The anime showed another bigger and successful idol group, called the I-1. Watching them suffer really irk me. Would such methods from the group be similar to some idol groups in Japan? That’s where reality prove otherwise.

I would say that all the characters in the idol group are varied. Each of them have their own qualities and personality. They have their own reasons to why they want to be an idol, and I find (most of) them quite sweet. Some of them have interesting background which affect who they are.

Character development is okay. I would say some of them continued on after their struggle, thanks to someone else. Overall, I think the group did develop since its formation. And of course, there has to be one character that was from another idol group. Thanks, clichéd anime!

Animation is good, but not great. Starting from the characters, I would say the idols have the same freaking face. Also, there is inconsistent drawing of the characters, making them out of their body shape. The character design is fine, except the awkward hair colour choices. The facial expressions from the characters are nice. The scenery is good-looking, but not special. Also, I like how the performances is mostly 2D-drawn, instead of 3D-rendered.

Although it is an idol anime, I would say music isn’t heavily focused in it. I was a bit disappointed, because I know there are other idol anime that lots of songs sung by the respective idol groups or even solo acts. But still, I love the songs sung by the group. The OPs and ED are sung by the group and they are awesome in their own ways. The background music is fine. Voice acting is okay, but very few voices just don’t really match the characters well.

So, have I enjoyed Wake Up, Girls! like any other idol anime?
My answer would be “only the last few episodes”. The other episodes bore me to sleep (yes, I did sleep when marathoning it) due to the cliché the anime gets all the time. I think the anime really tried its best to be a good one, but honestly I doubt so.

I think I’m the type of person who enjoy more on the glee side of the idol industry, instead of the seriousness. Hence, I would recommend this anime only to people who enjoy idols a lot.

Score board:

Story - 5
Character - 6
Art - 6
Sound - 8
Enjoyment - 7

Average - 6.40
Weightage -  6.00

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